Miss Diva Doll 2023 Wanda Isabel Delacour from France.

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Cyberbullying It is a form of action that takes place in the online space. Violations of various rights have occurred. To the point of causing others to be frightened, shocked, feel bad, worthless and become the laughingstock of society. This is evident in today's era where everyone has their own social media. This is like a weapon that pierces the hearts of people who are the target of society, for example, swarming and cursing, using words that create hate speech (verbal abuse), which the perpetrator may not have thought about. But the person who has been wronged may think to the point of worrying. It affects daily life. Online bullying acts can sometimes go beyond the point of breaking the law and ethics. Everyone has rights and freedoms. However, the exercise of rights and freedoms must be within the legal framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and must not violate the rights of others. Online bullying behavior It is considered a violation of human rights. It also results in people whose rights have been violated. Face the feeling of being attacked anywhere, anytime. Even in their own homes It made me feel like there was no way to escape from that bullying. It therefore has a long-term negative impact on victims in many directions. Mentally, emotionally, physically, these feelings of being ridiculed or looked down upon by others. This can result in people being afraid to talk about their problems or try to find solutions to them. Which in severe cases may eventually lead to suicide. Even though online bullying behavior It can create wounds for those whose rights have been violated. If you think about it in their hearts, our hearts, everyone has feelings and no one wants to be hurt. Even we ourselves don't want anyone to hurt our feelings or our reputation. Therefore, having compassion for one another is a very important thing in living together in society both on social media and in real life. Before saying anything and before deciding what to do Try to think about the other person's heart, how would you feel if we were to be him? Don't think for others. And don't judge others. Just because of what we see, think before posting. It's just the fun of posting negative messages to other people online just once. It may cause someone to feel the pain of Cyberbullying can last forever, so joining together to campaign to stop cyberbullying is not just about protecting yourself from threats. But it is also about protecting the individual rights of humanity based on equality and respect for human dignity.
Miss Diva Doll 2023 Wanda Isabel Delacour from France. 🇫🇷

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