Final Walk MDD2022

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My Farewell Speech ❤👑
Hello Everyone ,
I am Naw Emerald Win, Miss Diva Doll 2022.
I am truly honored for this title, Miss Diva Doll 2022!
Winning the crown and being hailed as Miss Diva Doll 2022 is truly something that I will never forget. It was a dream that turned into reality because of the people who pushed me to become who and where I am now. Winning a pageant is not all about the cheers of people, it is not all about the waving of hands, not the awarding of sashes, and absolutely not the wearing of crown. It is more than that. To be a beauty queen is not as easy as it seems, you have to be the very best in whatever you do.
My journey as Miss Diva Doll 2022 was filled with challenges and opportunites. Every moment was fun, unforgettable, and challenging. Being chosen as Miss Diva Doll 2022 was beyond my dreams. "A crown worn on the head will last a year, but a crown worn on the heart will last a lifetime."
To Our President Mr.Thanat and Miss Diva Doll Organization,thank you from bottom of my heart for have been entrust me with the responsibility and position of a Miss Diva Doll 2022 winner.
As soon as I be farewell the position and hand over to another successor but I will be always ready for Miss Diva Doll Organization.
To my Miss Diva Doll Myanmar family, you will always be my truest source of inspiration. I will forever be grateful of your love and your never-ending support to whatever path I am going to take. Everything I do is to make you proud.
To my successor, you are about to set out a journey of Miss Diva Doll winner, don't forget to enjoy your time in this industry. May you be a person as a role model for the public. We will always support you. Now, You are the face and the voice of Miss Diva Doll. I am confident that you will be able to do more than me to brighten the future of MDD. Be Confident, Humble, Empowering and Respectful.
To all the people who believed in me, supported me and cheered for me, I wholeheartedly extend to you all a million thanks for empowering my spirit and uplifting my confidence that leads me to reach this success.
Today marks the closing on one of the most beautiful chapter in the book of my life as Miss Diva Doll 2022 . This may be a farewell but not a goodbye, I hope I will stay forever in your hearts. Ladies and gentlemen, I am NAW EMERALD WIN your Miss Diva Doll 2022 , now signing off!

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