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Miss Diva Doll USA 2023, Emiri Hackman.
"Beauty Freedom”
Inspiration from the Statue of Liberty An iconic symbol of free and bustling New York City. It represents freedom in body type, skin color, hair color, and dress. Silver wings and shiny glass Like a reflection of knowing love and respect your own individuality honor oneself along with not invading anyone's identity Because in today's world, loving yourself and honoring those around you These are the basic steps that will make this world permanently peaceful.
Designer: TK Takkypop

Miss Diva Doll Nepal 2023, Nareni Ksetra.
"Treasures of Nepal”
This National Costume is representing our rich culture heritages. We created this costume , including the seven sites seeing of the world heritage of Nepal, 1.Bhaktapur Durbar Square, 2.Boudhanath, 3.Changu Narayan Temple, 4.Kathmandu Durbar Square, 5.Pashupatinath Temple, 6.Patan Durbar Square, and 7.Swayambhunath to awareness to admire for these treasures. Besides, We proudly present one of our treasures "The masked Dancing" in this costume. In brief, this national costume is created to give a message we, Nepalis are living "Never Ending Peace And Love" with strong spirit just like Mount Everest and with pure white attitude like snow.
Designer: Kaung Bo Aung , Ye Thu Aung

Miss Diva Doll Vietnam 2023, Vũ Huyền My.
"The Legendary Đứa trẻ ”
We Vietnamese have legends just like people from any other country. This is our beginning. Lac Long Quan, or Dragon Lord of Lac, saved the mountain fairy, Au Co who can transform into a mythical bird. After Quan and Au Co love each other. She gave birth to a sac containning a hundred eggs. The eggs hatched into one hundred strong, smart children who quickly learned the ways of life from their magical parents. The legend says that while Quan and Au Co never stopped loving each other, they could not resist their desire to return to where they belonged. Eventually, they split the children between the highlands and the ocean. The children who followed Au Co to the mountains learned to live in the jungles, cultivate the land, and build houses on bamboo stilts to protect themselves from animals. Those who followed Quan to the sea became skilled fisherman and formed coastal villages throughout the country. We believe that those hundred children became the ancestors of Today Vietnamese people. Hence, this National Costume was created for our legendary vietnamese people to love and protect one another.
Designer: Jimbo , Wai Yan

Miss Diva Doll Singapore 2023, Natasha.
"Golden Goddess of Vanda Miss Joaquim”
Miss Diva Doll Singapore National Costume was inspired by National flower of Orchids and Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Lantern Festival. Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as Singapore's national flower on 15 April 1981 to represent Singapore's uniqueness and hybrid culture. Vanda Miss Joaquim (Orchids) represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. Singapore has used orchids as gifts for state visits and international events. These blooms don't just represent beauty; they symbolize diplomacy, friendship, and the nation's warm welcome to the world. Mid-Autumn festival, also known as Lantern festival, is one of the most popular Singapore festivals and happens at the time of the year when the moon shines the brightest. It celebrates the legend of Chang Er – the lady who, apparently floated to the moon after swallowing the elixir of eternal life and now resides on the moon. The Lantern Festival aims to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. Also symbolise good luck, health, prosperity, fortune. Light lanterns to driving out darkness and bringing hope to the coming year.
Designer: Zaw Thein

Miss Diva Doll Philippines 2023, Mariel De Leon.
“Philippine national costume”
Philippine national costume Tailored to be a contemporary evening gown. Short, pleated sleeves that rise above the shoulders like butterfly wings are called balintawak. Decorated with various types of flowers, it looks colorful and bright and pleasing to the eye. Miss Diva Doll Philippines !!!!
Designer: Aune Bee.

Miss Diva Doll Myanmar 2023, Daisy.
“Myanmar’s sea Treasure”
Myeik Islands, located in Tanintharyi region, the southern part of Myanmar, is also famous as a beautiful island region in the world. In addition to being a region where precious the quality pearls are produced, It is also the area where the famous medical natural bird nests are created by biological birds. In honor of this region, which is a precious region of Myanmar, we created and presented a National Costume named “Myanmar’s sea Treasure”. Kindly invite, come and visit the beautiful Myeik Islands on a peaceful day of Myanmar.
Designer: Crystal Petar, Aune Bee.

Miss Diva Doll Australia 2023, Avalin (Alin).
“Brighton Beach”
Brighton Beach is a famous beach in Australia. It is located south of Melbourne city Victoria state Australia. The colorful box houses make the beauty of the beach unique. It will also make visitors pleasure. Water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and parasailing also enhance the enjoyment of the beach. I hope you will want to visit Brighton Beach after seeing my National Costume. ‘Welcome to Brighton! Australia’!
Designer: Crystal Petar, Aung Bee.

Miss Diva Doll New Zealand 2023, Oliver James.
"Watching Whales New Zealand”
Watching Whales New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is a place where whales, which are large marine animals, roam. There you may see various kind of whales in different part. Every year, tourists flock to New Zealand to see whales. You may to come too. Normally watching from a boat is popular, but my opinion to choose scuba diving to see more close to the whales and enjoy the natural beauty of marine life. Let's go scuba diving with me and watch whales.
Designer: Crystal Petar, Aung Bee, One.

Miss Diva Doll Indonesia 2023, Ayrine Kusuma Wijaya.
"Lampung The Treasure of the world”
This costume is inspired by the beauty of the province in Indonesia, namely Lampung, Lampung is the origin of Ayrine. This costume consists of Tapis cloth which is the pride of the Lampung people, then Siger which is a crown for Lampung women which is a symbol of elegance and self-esteem, on the right and left of the costume There are Lampung Elephants guarded in Way Kambas National Park which is located in Lampung Province.
Designer: @djavadoll_id

Miss Diva Doll Cambodia 2023, Pich votey saravody.
"Queen Mayura”
Queen Mayura is a scene taken from a peacock, an animal that represents purity, an animal that represents a powerful and powerful queen. On the other hand, the peacock is one of the most abundant species of birds in Pailin province of Cambodia, which is why Cambodians since ancient times have created many dances related to this peacock, because this species has very beautiful feathers. Animals represent glory, and today this species is very rare in Cambodia to be preserved as a national treasure.
Designer: Aune Bee

Miss Diva Doll Spain 2023, Adriana Martinez.
"Clavel Reina”
Inspired from the flamingo dance, the unique performance of Spain. the meaning strength from black make the red carnation that symbolize love, brightness, and elegance stand out. Just like the women who can stand on their own strength gracefully. Moreover, carnation is the traditional flower of Spain.
Designer: La Karenna

Miss Diva Doll Curacao 2023, Jaslene Santiago.
"Blaze - The Fire Coral”
Miss Curaçao National Costume is inspired by Curaçao’s beautiful beach that attracts many locals and tourists for its rich underwater life and is home to incredible species and coral reefs, including the fire corals. Fire corals (Millepora) are a genus of gregarious marine organisms that exhibit physical characteristics similar to corals. Climate change causes our oceans to acidify, the Curaçao’s coral reefs are in threat. And according to new research, before the end of the century, most reefs around the world may be dissolving faster than they can build themselves back up. That's why Miss Diva Doll Curaçao 2023, Jaslene Santiago, wants to use the Miss Diva Doll platform to voice her enthusiasm so that we start paying attention to things that trigger climate change, to keep our ocean beautiful and marine ecosystems maintained.
Designer: @house_of_doll_by_uky

Miss Diva Doll Dominican Republic 2023, Cassandra Muñoz.
"La Curadora ”
La Curadora inspired by mystical shaman that comes from Dominican Indigenous. This Shaman is very popular in the Meso American Culture approximately in 17th century. When a pregnant woman gives birthd to her baby, this Shaman will help the baby born. This shaman using traditional culture and spell when the process takes part.
Designer: @djavadoll_id

Miss Diva Doll Mexico 2023, Ximena Navarrette Martinez.
" The Guardian of the Mayan Forest”
This national costume was inspired from the keeper of the Mayan Forest that is located through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Just like the Mayan forest, the Guardian Keeper provides refuge for countless rare and endangered species, the flora and the fauna. She may look beautiful and has gentle heart, but she can be a strong warrior who protects the forest from enemies destroying the nature.. This national costume also showcase thè extensive and diverse beauty of the Mayan Forest that makes it as natural Gem to Mexico.
Designer: @house_of_doll_by_uky

Miss Diva Doll India 2023, Paarvati Vishwakarma.
" The Indian bridal.”
The national costume was inspired by the traditional style of Indian costume . Lehanga is a form of ankle-length skirt from the Indian subcontinent. "Kaleerey "a bracelet with hanging bells . This traditionally gold-coloured accessory is not only to make the bridal ensemble stylish. It actually denotes, well-being, happy conjugal life and fertility.
Designer: Mew Pinchai × Pinkbung

Miss Diva Doll Malaysia 2023, Eyka Melati.
"The Wau bulan”
Wau bulan or the 'moon kite' is an intricately designed Malaysian kite (normally with floral motifs) that is traditionally flown in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. It is one of Malaysia's national symbols, some others being the hibiscus. The reverse side of the fifty-cent coin of Malaysia (1989 series) features an intricately decorated wau bulan with a hummer on top. The logo of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is based on the wau kucing (lit. 'cat kite').
Wau bulan got its name from the crescent moon-like shape of its lower section (moon means "bulan" in Malaysian Malay). Given the right colour, wau bulan apparently resembles a rising crescent moon when flown.
Designer: Alex Affandi & Fizz

Miss Diva Doll Puerto Rico 2023, Andressa Guerrero.
The national costume was inspired by the goddess Atabey. Atabey was a female goddess of the Taínos, an extinct tribe of Arawak origin that occupied a large part of the archipelago of the Antilles, the Caribbean Sea and with a great presence in Puerto Rico. In addition to being a goddess and mother, Atabey was the divinity of the moon, the sea, the waters, fertility and birth for the Taino tribes. The sun represents the Caribbean sunrises and the skirts create the waves of caribbean Sea .
Designer: Mew Pinchai × Pinkbung

Miss Diva Doll Kazakhstan 2023, Asia Zairovna.
Asia's National Costume is called, Luminous. It speaks the image of brilliance and radiance. This costume is inspired by the flag of Kazakhstan. It symbolizes the nation's pride and unity.
The sky-blue color represents peace. The golden sun and rays symbolize prosperity and abundance.
This costume is made with different rhinestones, beads, jewels and charms that embodies the rich history and culture of Kazakhstan. Also, this costume reminds its citizens of their shared values and aspirations.
The grandiosity of the overall look serves as a constant reminder of the country's progress and potential for a brighter future.
Designer: NCouture by Nina Castillo

Miss Diva Doll France 2023, Wanda Isabel Delacour.
“The Guardian of Versailles“
Palace of Versailles More than 300 years old, it is a beautiful, sacred, and wonderful ancient architecture of France. Most of the interior is decorated with exquisite patterns, mostly in gold tones. It is believed that in the depths of the palace live the "Verores" - holy spirits. She is the one who protects the palace from danger. It is said that she has a beautiful appearance. Wearing a white robe decorated with gold patterns similar to the patterns inside the throne hall. In contrast to the red gems that adorned the dress. Often glows a beautiful red color. Your golden wings will always shine in the dark. She would fly over the palace at night to inspect and maintain the security of the palace.
Designer: Cantaloupe Doll’s

Miss Diva Doll Thailand 2023, Padparadscha Assaandakul.
“Peranakan Thai Tea“
Peranakan Thai Tea Inspired by Thai tea Peranakan culture Thailand's beverages have become popular menus all over the world. The identity of the Thai nation that is known around the world is orange tea. It has a sweet, creamy taste Served with Thai pattern Porcelain. and is worn with Peranakan ethnic clothing. creating the unique beauty of the Andaman coast Mix it with a neat outfit. To convey the essence of Perana women and unique Thai tea
Designer: Mewky sawichchaya

Miss Diva Doll Korea 2023, Nari Kim.
“Let's eat ramyeon!“
This national costume wants to present “Ramyeon” a food that all Koreans love to eat. Although ramyeon is not a traditional Korean food, nowadays it cannot be denied that all Koreans love to eat it, and more than that, it has become a soft power food that people all around the world know and love to eat. This costume therefore presents the hot,spicy and unique flavor of Ramyeon through “Nari Kim”. This costume will making her look spicy, hot and unique like Ramyeon.
Designer: Tui Jakkapong

Miss Diva Doll Japan 2023, Koemi Aisu.
This set has brought out unique food. And it is considered a famous food that allows everyone to get to know Japan.
Sashimi, or thinly sliced raw fish, is the most famous Japanese food in Japan. Sashimi is most often made from seafood, and other meats can also be made into sashimi. Sashimi is a type of exquisite Japanese food. The word “sashimi” thus means “pierced body.” This term has been used since the Muromachi period. and has been established
Designer: Tie Visadpanit

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