MDD 2021 Crowning Moment and Final Walk

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Firstly,I would like to say that I’m really proud for my be lovely country Australia.My biggest dream is to be the winner of Miss Diva Doll.I thought I had lost this dream, but I thank fate for making me own it.I would also like to thank the MDD organization for appointing me as a winner of MDD.I would like to promise that I will do my best to further improve the prestige of the MDD organization while fulfilling its responsibilities as a winner. Thank you so much, Thank you Everyone.
This is your Miss Diva Doll 2021 Christine from Australia. We did Australia Proud!

Congratulation! Miss Diva Doll 2021 Christine from Australia.

Welcome special guest Miss Diva Doll 2020 May Marina Pecharat.

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