Miss Diva Doll Final Coronation 2020 - Top 5 Final Question

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MDD Top 5 Final Question:
Have you had any experiences been bullying in your life ?...and what would you share or encourage people who are now facing that experiences of been bullying?
Vietnam: To me, it is a privilege to stand here as a part of the Final 5 on the stage of Miss Diva Doll 2020, I would like to share that I have experienced being bullied at a young age during my years of middle school. Though the experience is considered to be negative in most of us’ point of view, I learned that bullying was an action resulting from the lack of understanding and compassion between human beings. I personally got bullied for being half Vietnamese and half American, for I was considered too American for the Vietnamese kids, and too Vietnamese for the American kids.
From my experience, I would like to encourage people to first take time to welcome, learn, and accept one another. I understand this may be difficult to do in certain times, and under certain circumstances. However, it is the first important step in making connections. From there, we would have a chance to express more of ourselves as well as to appreciate the beauty in each other's differences. If each of us could have the compassion, patience, and an open heart to start committing to the actions I have presented, I strongly believe that the world would become a better place, for each and every individual could grow with love, maturity, and responsibility.
India: I think body parody because in the past I have a fat body which made it a childhood inferiority complex and the bullying . Asked me if I was upset or not, I am very sorry but I kept the insult as a motive for me to fight the problem , to change and develop myself to be better and be accepted in society. If I win MDD 2020, I and my organization would like to be part to driving society to promote campaign for people in society pass on good and constructive words to each other stop hurting each other with words. Accept and respect each other's differences, solve these problems with a group of offenders and offenders that will help them stop bullying which is not punitive but "talking" makes them view it as unacceptable in society as well as giving them opportunities and time to improve themselves treating an aggressive person with respect and compassion will help change their behavior for the better. Everyone in the world can create a livable society ,If we all share our hearts passing happiness to each other through kind words because I believe that giving each other good things and good feelings will be the basis that can make everyone in society live together happily. Thank you.
Iceland: Of course , nobody have a perfect life since they was born . Everyone has personal weakness which just yourself know that .For me , I have been bully since I was young till now because of my difference personality from others in my society . Every time I have to see the eyes look on me , some laughed, some gossiped, some used a scornful eye and act like I’m not a person , but don't you forget that I am a person. I have a feeling same as everyone just difference personality , it not mean that you can do the bad thing with me but any way I am not focus on that and pass that bad situation . Why I can do that , I believe in the power of myself , I believe than I am not different , and my positive power push me to be here day. Thank you.
Thailand: When I was young , I usally be mocked in my dark skin due to in my society , they have value in east asian beautiful look which all thing opposite with I am. My skin tone is never seen as beautiful skin , so I use this experience to develop myself to stand up here and I want to inspire all young people to love yourself .Not ever how your face , not ever what is your skin ,you should pround of what you be. Please look at my face , I want to tell you that its not ever has a girl who has a look like me can take the crown from this pageant stage. If I am a winner , I want to inspire everyone not only people in my country , but people around the world . If ordinary girl like me can do , you can do ! Thank you very much.
UK: All the time in my life , I've been viewed differently but I stand here today to show you the diverse of beauty . I want to teach to next generation people thatvthe most important is do not forget our trueself , you can love your self when you know who you are. You can see the value of yourself then you can see the value of other people. Thank you.

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