Miss Diva Doll Final Coronation 2020 - Top 5

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Welcome back to the 2020 Miss Diva Doll Final Coronation. Finally, we got 12 girls getting closer to the crown. And Top 5 Announce starting updates photos on 7 November (Bangkok Time). Don't forget to like, share and comment to support your favorite contestant!
(Top​ 5 Total​ scores​ by​ PRIVATE​ INTERVIEW​ + Opening​ Ceremony​ + Press​ Conference​ + Beauty​ Portrait​ + Swimsuit​ Competition​ + Evening​ gown​ + National​ Costume​ + Final​ Coronation​ = TOP​ 5)​
Cr photo: Nescafé – Serdar Tanyeli

During period of 2020 Miss Diva Doll competition, all girls worked so hard to represent their beloved countries but only one name to be crowned Miss Diva Doll 201o title. Before getting to know that name, we have to select 5 deledates who have top scores from the begining until this moment. Only 5 spots for 5 countries will be annouced. And the first girl getting chance to make her country proud is....

Congratulation! Melissa Rose bickerstaff​, Miss Diva Doll UK

The second place of our finalists belongs to......

Congratulation! Marina Pecharat​, Miss Diva Doll Thailand

All of you is waiting for her .......

Congratulation! Angela Anne Maglorix, Miss Diva Doll Iceland

There are only 2 spots for these 9 beautiful ladies and one of the spots is for .....

Congratulation! Aishwaraya Rai, Miss Diva Doll India

It is really hard to announce the last place for Miss Diva Doll crown but I have to say that the last spot is for ......

Congratulation! Magnolia Pham​, Miss Diva Doll Vietnam

TOP 5 - Miss Diva Doll 2020
UK - Melissa Rose bickerstaff
Thailand - Marina Pecharat
Iceland - Angela Anne Maglorix
India - Aishwaraya Rai
Vietnam - Magnolia Pham

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