Miss Diva Doll 2020 final coronation - Special Awards from MDD Org

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Welcome to Miss Diva Doll 2020 Final Coronation.
I'm Amrita Shah, Miss Diva Doll 2019. Welcome agian to Miss Diva Doll 2020 final coronation.
Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Nisa MDD2016 to be responsible for host in Miss Diva Doll 2020 Final coronation.
Special Awards from MDD Org.
🏆Miss Congeniality Diva - Indonesia
🏆Miss Photogenic Diva - Brazil
🏆MDD Top Model Diva - Dominican Republic
🏆MDD Best Diva Style - Venezuela
🏆Miss Charming Diva - Malaysia
🏆Miss Multimedia Diva - Jamaica
🏆Miss Fashion Diva - Myanmar
Congratulations Ladies.

Miss Multimedia Diva 2020 is MDD Myanmar, May Thiri Zaw. Congratulations!!
Miss Fashion Diva 2020 is MDD Jamaica, Olivier Rose. Congratulations!!

Miss Charming Diva 2020 is MDD Malaysia, Eizzara Aifha. Congratulations!!
MDD Best Diva Style 2020 is MDD Venezuela, Cynthia de barova. Congratulations!!
MDD Top Model Diva 2020 is MDD Dominican Republic, Yaritza Rayes. Congratulations!!
Miss Photoginic Diva 2020 is MDD Brazil, Vena Stella Perrin. Congratulations!!
Miss Congeniality Diva 2020 is MDD indonesia, Leora priscanara nyle. Congratulations!!

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