MDD Creative National Costume Competition​ 2020

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Attention Please 💋
MDD Creative National Costume Competition​ 2020 will start updates photos by random order on 14 September 2020.(Bangkok Time)
With love, MDD Org.

“Land of Golden Butterflies”
Butterflies start to come out in May. There are hundreds of different species of butterflies to be found in our country. Panama is a small country located in Central America. The word "Panama" has various origins. According to history and the native indian language it means "abundance of butterflies". Other popular interpretations are "abundance of fish" and the very popular "Panama Hat". Because of its geographical position, Panama has been inhabited by people of many different cultures. Panama has been a crossroad since way before the Spanish conquest, to the Gold Rush and finally the construction of one of the most important waterways in the World: The Panama Canal.
Designer: Mewky Sawichchaya

“The Queen of Dream”
The concept is a set full of imagination and color, and Venezuela doesn't have any outstanding festivals or legends. This costume is so focused on the designer's imagination, the dress is designed to suit the beauty of the queen the most, with a glass horse that revolves around the beauty queen.
A feather that makes it seem to float in the air And a mask that holds many feelings. This costume tells about this set. People are both happy and unhappy in the same person, outside looks fun But inside may hide some feelings
Designer: Mewky Sawichchaya


“The Vikings Queen Of Iceland”
During the years 793 - 1066 one during this period Vikings established bases in the Faroe Islands. Located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean in Iceland.
The Vikings had a male king. And had citizens of all males with strong and strong vitality Intelligent Brave and martial-minded, unlike women,
Is the origin of this national costume, the Miss Diva Doll Iceland team would like to present. The queen of the Vikings A woman of strength, courage, wisdom, leadership. And has the blood of a fighter Not different from males
Legend and historical narratives say that the Vikings were a dangerous group. It is a group of people who do bad things. But that's not all Vikings have allies for trade. There is a development to seek areas to expand the sources of various maritime. And the Vikings were also masters of navigation in the Atlantic Ocean. The most outstanding in history as well.
Designer: Mewky Sawichchaya

“Songkran Khoraka Devi”
Thai people beliefs, there are 7 goddesses of Songkran in heaven. She is responsible for getting the head of Thao Kabinlaphrom (Father) parade around Phra Sumen Mountain each year on Songkran day to make predictions how much rain in each year
Koraka Devi is Songkran goddess for Monday, she wear pearl jewery and put the flower on her ear. Sword is on her right hand and cane is on the left hand onec. She is riding on tiger as her transport carrier.
Designer: Mewky Sawichchaya

“The Trishakti”
The Trishakti is a triad of eminent goddesses of Hinduism (Saraswati, Parvati and Lakshmi) These triplet goddesses is a contrast form of The Trimurti and they have close to equal importance as the Trimurti also. Brahma is creator, so he needs knowledge or goddess Saraswati to create. Vishnu is observer, so he needs the goddess of wealth and prosperity, goddess Lakshmi. Finally, Shiva is destroyer and re-creator, so he needs goddess Parvati, Durga, or Kali for power. Without the Trishakti, the Trimurti are not comp lete and vice versa.
Designer: Mewky Sawichchaya

“Golden Of Paradise”
When it comes to the oldest and greatest Carnival in the world. No one is more spectacular than the “Rio Carnival” Carnival held annually in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with tourists from all over the world each year. Come join the festival with no less than 2 million people a day to see the majesty of the parade and the fancy shows.
In this Miss Diva Doll 2020 National costume competition, MissDivaDoll Brazil chose to present a carnival in the golden concept “Golden Of Paradise” that is amazing and grand.
Designer: Aune Aun

Dominican Republic
“Carnaval Dominicano”
Miss Dominican Republic National Costume was inspired by carnaval dominicano it is the most vibrant celebration of Dominican culture and identity. ...Every Sunday during the month of February, colorful parades take place in every major city and region around the DR–some extending through the first week of March.
Designer: Jeffrey Rodriguez

'दुर्गा शक्ति' - "The Goddess of Divine Feminine Energy"
In Indian mythology, the Goddess Durga, also known as शक्ति (Power) is the protective mother of the universe. Sitting astride a lion or tiger, the multi-limbed Durga battles the forces of evil in the world to establish peace & harmony. It took a woman of many talents and powers to triumph over Mahishasur (evil force) . This stance from Indian mythology is of particular significance simply because it reminds us as a society, of the boundless vigor and tenacity of a woman, provided she is able to develop, and hone her skills. It is the former aspect of the aforementioned statement that is especially relevant today; that a woman whose skills and powers are developed and nurtured, is an unstoppable force. THIS is what we need to draw and learn from Godess Durga , and apply it to society. Not only this National Costume inspired by Goddess Durga serve as an icon of Women's power but it also presents many lessons from which we can learn particularly with reference to 'Women Empowerment' in society today.
नमो नमो दुर्गे सुख करनी ।
नमो नमो अम्बे दुःख हरनी ॥
Phuu Pattra

“Color of Jamaica”
Green, yellow, red... These three colors remind one of the bustling rhythms of reggae as the Rasta flag. It reflects the legendary Bob Marley, the icon that stood for equality and fairness for people of color through reggae. Using music to express freedom and equality is a perfect representation of peace, acceptance, and honor. Peace is the foundation of reconciliation in this world.
TK by Takkypop

“Nhật Bình”
Vietnam's National Costume is inspired by the traditional dress called Nhật Bình, which was worn by Imperial women during the Nguyen Dynasty. The costume has strict rules of embroidered symbols and decorative patterns to signify the nobility of each woman in society at the time. The costume presented by Miss Diva Doll Vietnam has the color of pink, which did not necessarily exist in the history, besides a Vietnamese crane. All is to convey the image of a Nguyen princess flourished in her royal aura.
Concept: Chinh Pham
Costume: Viet Bac and Huy Hoang

"Berehyna, Slavic goddess of family and protection"
She is represented in the Slavic mythology as the center of the family and desires for protection. She is a feminine that encompasses the virtues of the Ukrainian woman by being kind, neat and loving.
Her history extends to the corners of the founding villages as an example of the warmth of home. She conceptualizes the mother in her roots and exemplifies the image of the Ukrainian tradition and culture. She is dressed in the usual white vyshyvanka and she is ready to be embroidered with the joys of life, decorated with the flowers of her people, the fruit of wealth, life and tradition.
Designer: Oscar Plata

This set is inspired by the famous Japanese manga sailor moon, the knight of the moon. Guardian of love and justice The designers put forward the protagonist as the inspiration for this year's Japanese national costume. It is to express the strength of a woman who can fight the villain. Not only that, only men can do it. Alexandra is like a representative of Japanese women who will show the strength and strength of female power to the world.
Designer: Tie visadpanit

"Sie, Muisca Goddess of Water"
Represented in the immortality of the Muisca legends as a symbol of life, a female figure that grants calm and love, bathed in the sun and ready to enchant humanity with her gifts.
She is part of the emissaries of life, together with the sun, the moon and the light, promote the well being of their people. It is said that its beauty runs through the villages and that its pain and suffering consumes beyond the soul, She was invoked as a current in times of drought. She was worship and desired as the mother and the beginning of the cycles of the main crops of pre-Colombian times.
Designer: Oscar Plata

“The Enchanted of Srikandi"
The Enchanted of Srikandi inspired by the beauty of Srikandi, A famous Female warrior that really powerful and strong. Srikandi is a symbol of women's empowerment for Indonesian. Her beauty is everlasting and mesmerized everyone. Srikandi basically comes from Sanskrit Mythology which spreads into Indonesian society for a very long time. Srikandi has equipment on her hand. This is a kind of bow as she is really powerful in archery to prevent herself from her enemies. This national costume has a green color that represents Indonesia as a prosperous country in agriculture and a symbol of peace where Srikandi stands for justice. There is also a wonderful headpiece on her head as a symbol of legacy and a strong mind. This is a magnificent national costume that represents Beauty, Power, culture, and also Nature for Indonesian People.
Designer: Doll's passion by gusti

“The goddess”
Inspiration fod Hermes. Hermes was the ancient Greek god of trade, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, thieves, and travel. One of the cleverest and most mischievous of the Olympian gods, he was the patron of shepherds, invented the lyre, and was, above all, the herald and messenger of Mt. Olympus so that he came to symbolise the crossing of boundaries in his role as a guide between the two realms of gods and humanity. To the Romans, the god was known as Mercury.
Designer: Austin Featherpluger

"God of goodness"
The Khmer belief that they praised Apsara as goddress who looking care for religious place and she is goddess of goodness. Anyone can meet Apsara at various Khmer castles in Cambodia such as Angkor Wat , Banteay Srei, Bayon Castle, etc. Many Khmer people believe that whoever wishes to have children , they can pray from Apsara , especially at Angkor Wat. Its not too difficult , Prayer just fondle to Apsara's chest then them wish will come true.
Designer: Aune Aun

“Kumang Borneo”
Inspired by the beautiful culture of Sarawak and the story of Kumang, The mother goddess of the Ibans, the Sea Dayaks of Borneo. Kumang, ‘whose back was white’, scorched by the setting sun, had charge of paradise, which was the home of Bujang, the first Iban. There are also many tales of the appearance of the godddes in dreams.
On one occasion Kumang appeared to a shy young warrior and informed him that a petrified bamboo shoot he had found was in fact a charm-stone which would make him a great war leader.
This outfit showcases one of the ethnicities in Malaysia which situated in the Island of Borneo.
Designer: Z.i.ahmad & djavadoll_id

United Kingdom
" Venetian​ Red​ Dye"
Inspired by the Royal Guard uniform of England.​ A flashy red uniform (venetian red dye) is the​regular color of British soldiers. This important identity That earned British soldiers the nickname (Red Coat)
Nonny Majoriga


"The Irrawaddy Goddess"
The Irrawaddy is the main artery of Myanmar. It has even been referred to as the “historic bride” because of its dependence on the Irrawaddy River since from Myanmar establish.
The Veda flower on both sides represent the beauty of Veda flower on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. The Irrawaddy dolphin, one of the world's dolphin species, is being held in the Irrawaddy River.This showing for the conservation of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. Please love the beautiful Irrawaddy water goddess from Myanmar.
Designer Onenar Latt.

"La reine de parfum"
This national costume was inspired from the most famous things in France, Perfume . The French have a long tradition and skills in the art of making perfumes. The great names in fashion have assisted i exporting some of the most important names in perfume throughout the world.
The birth place for French perfumes is in the southern Provence region and is called "Occitane" (pronounced Ox C tan). The abundance of herbs, lavender and many other wild flowers on the rocky landscape, warm climate, plus hundreds of years of experience in distilling mixtures and creating scents have made France one of the world's leading perfume manufacturers.
Designer : Bungky Narabodee Boonget

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