Miss Diva Doll Top 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech

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Miss Diva Doll Campaign :
"Stop Cyberbullying and Violence"
Cyber bullying has become a serious problem for young people and can cause long-term damage to victims and bullies. It is important to stop cyber bullying and get help for the people involved, but it can be hard to know how to stop cyber bullying. Parents and other concerned adults can work together with young people to prevent or stop cyber bullying.
In the last few years cyber bullying has received a lot of attention from the media, as well as from concerned adults and young people. Cyber bullying involves sending hurtful, threatening, or embarrassing messages to or about another person using email, blogs, cell phones, social networking sites, and other electronic media. These technologies are an important part of many people’s social and work lives, but to enjoy the positive benefits of electronic communication, it is necessary to prevent or stop cyber bullying.

Indonesia 🇮🇩 - Rinjani puspa wardani
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Stop mocking someone with their shortcomings, know God creates everyone with a different purpose, as a good person we do not deserve to do things that can hurt others for any reason, love differences because with differences we can understand new things, and always look in the mirror if we judge other people badly whether we are right, are we worse than them so always keep the words so as not to cause hostility that makes the atmosphere chaotic, quiet life is good makes our lives mean by not judging others, doing good, does not differentiate between people. that's a little what I want to say, thank you.

Thailand 🇹🇭 - Natt Praklada Thepnarin
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
In today's life, Social Media is one of important parts in our life. The information we received contains both real and fake information. We cannot know whether the news we see is true or not.
There is a survey in 14 countries found that over 80% of children were bullied online and I was a part of the number. Firstly reigning as the Miss Diva Doll Thailand, some people thought that I didn’t deserved to represent Thailand in 2019 Miss Diva Doll, but I overcame those bullies by developing myself and prove it by my potential. So far, I am standing here in Top 20 semi-finalists of Miss Diva Doll 2019.
Of course, many people have experienced as same as I had, but they still cannot get through it. They need chances to prove themselves and come across those things. So, I would like to take this opportunity to forward my message to people all over the world to acknowledge this seriousness. "Please stop cyberbullying." We can fix the error and living happily together. Thank you.

USA 🇺🇸 - Kristen Danyal
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Some online bullying may not be considered important. But the model may be seen as reducing their value And may cause aggravation, I want everyone to think carefully before sending anything to the internet And want everyone to use the internet to get more knowledge​.
In modern times We can't avoid cyberbullying​ in online societies. This matter is very important. We have to realize that doing this is not good. It also creates wounds in the minds of others. That is something that should not be done. For humans together.

Cambodia 🇰🇭 - Sothida Pokimtheng
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
For me, the way to stop cyberbullying is "do not response to any harsh words" just stand on consciousness and look over this situation. We must have positive thinking with the difference. Nowadays, the social media is comprehensive social. We must contemplate on communicate with people and the best way is just get out from the social media and work for the society to get positive power then you will not the cyberbullying victim.

China 🇨🇳 - Linlisha Wenkongsi
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Cyberbullying is the use of communication tools such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, online social networking connections that others can see, continue to share, or continue to talk about that issue, whether it's Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Chat or other websites are the main tools for bullying and bullying. For example, posting, sharing or forwarding false information of other people Which is often a message or content in the way of misrepresenting Which results in shame to others And sometimes it may be an act that is unreasonably wrong to the ethical laws as well as violating the privacy rights of others.
Playing social media today is like a double-edged sword. Which would like to suggest to play with consciousness Important if we see Cyberbullying, don't look. Don't share. Don't comment. Don't mess in any way. Because acting in any form of action may encourage the person to feel like And think that what they do is right.

Venezuela 🇻🇪 - Susana Habach
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Cyberbullying is what we should be given priority in this moment .Because it is a brutal physical and mental assault unlike the killers in the online world
Almost could not deny that today Everyone has a smartphone. And social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Today is an era in which we no longer receive news from just television, radio or magazines. But will receive news from social media instead Because of easy access And faster Any news we are interested in can easily spread. Just click share But because of this rapidly spreading news, there are daily and false news messages circulating around us all the time. At the same time, there are many people who have been negatively impacted from today's social era. One of which is the victim of Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying Bullying others online The bullying can be abusing, accusing, using sarcasm. Accusing others by pretending to be specific to the target person And is likely to be a continuous bullying Not just one time Which this action Will occur more often than common annoyances Because in the online world The bully did not really face the target. And can occur throughout the 24 hours (from the point of view of the offender, that people may think of fun But if looking at the bullied He was not bullied once and ended).It may be buried deep. Circle in his mind at all times Because in the online world That news spread very quickly.
We should all pay attention. With the right technology to use, not as a tool Attack other people, stop cyberbullying.

Brazil 🇧🇷 - Adriana gulier altiyas
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
To be honest. I thought that when my friend bullied me, it was just a joke or made me feel like I was a friend to each other. But after that when I grew up I’ve learned that it’s not joke at all. I keep it from the bottom of my heart and I always afraid that when I do like this, I will have a bullying. Nowadays, social media is a important thing in our life to use it for everything not only standard usage but also use it in the wrong way especially cyber bullying. I need everyone to give the matter for this case that is not joking sometimes will lead to disaster but we have to help people who have got bullying from the social media by giving more information, do something concrete and use it to the good way to help people. Thank you.

Vietnam 🇻🇳 - Le Thi My A
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
I strongly believe that cyberbullying is a form of mental abuse, and it has the ability to have a physical affect on the one who gets bullied, for there are many records of suicide cases caused by cyberbullying.
As a former victim of cyberbullying during my time of high school, I think that the root cause of this issue is the unawareness of both the one who bullies and the one who gets bullied. The one who bullies does not understand how powerful words and social media can be, and that this power should be utilized for good causes only. For the one who gets bullied, it is also important for them to be aware of how much support they can get from their family, teachers and friends, so that the issue of cyberbullying can be approached and solved properly.
In my opinion, in order to stop cyberbullying, we have to go back to the way we educate our children at home and at school. Parents, along with teachers have to teach children to love one another. More importantly, not only children, but also adults must learn to use social media responsibly. I believe that if we can tackle the issue of cyberbullying and stop it by our collective effort, each and every member of our society will be protected, and thus our world will become a better place. Thank you.

Japan 🇯🇵 - Sayuri Naya
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Everyone has the right to express their opinions on various issues, but should show the correctness and appropriateness. Morality and ethics to others As long as men are still on earth Humans still need to help each other. No man can live alone. Therefore, helping each other is the best thing for humans.

Jamaica 🇯🇲 - Davina Ropele
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
I believe everyone is free in social media. But everyone has the same scope as himself. Thank you.

Albania 🇦🇱 - Trejsi Sejdini
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Nowadays, Cyberbullying happens very often. We've entered the digital world where the popularity of social media spreads to people of all ages and genders, causing many people not only use the social media unwisely but also use them to hurt others, both intentionally and unintentionally. Even in the beauty pageant, still have the bullying issue. The appearance, skin type and racism have been raised. Many people started the bullied and many are victims, so please stop the cyber bullying. We should stop hurting people both we known or stranger from stop post or share any articles or post that might effect to other people life. Think carefully on the action that we made, we should not do anything just for fun, for our own pleasure but hurting others. I'm strongly believe that "Throwing Shade isn’t Gonna Make You Shine” Thank you

Egypt 🇪🇬 - Mony Khaled
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Nowadays, we can't deny that we receive fast news via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or many other media. But because of this rapidly spreading news, everyday news and false messages are mixed around us all the time. At the same time, there are many people who have been negatively impacted from today's social era. One of which is the victim of Cyberbullying He was not bullied once and ended. It may be deeply buried. Circle in his mind at all times Because in the online world That news spread very quickly. Should study and listen from many parties Because not everyone wants to do wrong Or don't want anyone to come to expose yourself Therefore, we should be mindful. In the social world Because when you comment, you can hurt the mind as well. 

Nepal 🇳🇵 - Amrita Shah
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Hi, Atlantis. I’m really glad to be here. In today’s world, technology is so prominent and that is really easy to get that because everyone can access it every time and everywhere. With technology continuing to progress, we have more sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. These social media has become a big part of society. Having more social media app’s means that cyberbullying has a greater chance to occur and it is the third leading cause of death among people nowadays. Bullying has become an epidemic. Being targeted by cyber bullies is not just emotional, but also their physical.
Back to 2016, when I was 16 years old. I came home from the school one day and read the article online about a 13 year-old girl. Her name is Catherine and she had been cyberbullied for a year and half. One day, she decided that she couldn’t take it any longer and she climbed to the top of her town’s water tower then jumped off. In January 2017, Timothy was a high school sophomore in California. He was an Eagle Scout, Spurs fan, and devoted to fitness. He had received a series of texts from at least six to ten bullies. The messages insulted him and put him down. After that, he hung himself in his family’s backyard. His suicide was a cry for help but it came too late. And, they are not the only cases suffering like that.
Cyberbullying can leave a long-lasting effects to the ones being bullied, create anxiety and depression and sometimes it can lead to suicide as you see in the stories. Cyberbullying is a big problem in many people today. It can be an emotional and hurtful situation. Online bullying is no little problem that people should take lightly. If we continue to ignore the issue on cyberbully, it is only going to get worse with our technology growing and becoming more and more advanced. People should not act like it never happens. We need to be aware of cyberbullying and how harmful it is. People all around the world get cyberbullied not just people around you. Cyberbullying is awful and needs to stop. Let’s not continue to ignore the issue, but fix it to make a better environment for us all. Let’s stop cyber bullying! Thank you! Dhanyabad!

Peru 🇵🇪 - Unila Pamela
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Yes, the right media That way, you can get to know the word standing in society.

India 🇮🇳 - Manushi Chhillar
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
I want everyone to be careful of their own words. Sometimes our words may hurt many people. Therefore, we should say good and useful things.  

Dominican 🇩🇴 - Dalia indila
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Stop being a Bully, everyone has been bullyed. Whether speaking or acting. If you compare the bully’s as a knife every time you speak or perform blully Is equal to you stabbing him with that knife. Stop destroying others by starting from yourself.

South Africa 🇿🇦 - Tamaryn Green
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
For me Stop cyberbullying is Always think and ponder before posting or making an allusion, such as posting on the internet. Like a double-edged sword There are interpretations according to the reader's understanding. Therefore, we will post about something. Do not post other people. Or third person in a bad way Because of cyberbullying Is something that should not be done.

Mexico 🇲🇽 - Angelica Luz Mariana
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
Being beautiful is not just about the way you look physically. It doesn’t matter if you wear the fanciest clothes or the most expensive jewelry. What’s more important is your inner beauty. what is inside your heart and how you treat others matters more.

Greece 🇬🇷 - Venus Ridgeston
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
All people in this world are brothers and sisters. Difference starts since the earth's crust was created. Excepted the races , languages, religions and skins. We have to tell yourself that "opinion" is differnt as well, and this is the truth that we have to accepted and respected to live happily together. As you have known life is too short to hate, to unrespected even bully each other. Expectcially, in nowadays you are not allowed to do a "Cyberbulling" with someone, just because they are different from you. Thank you.

Myanmar 🇲🇲 - Nang Mo
TOP 20 “Stop Cyberbullying and Violence” Speech :
I heard many people being burned because of cyber bullying. I really sad to heard about that.
The main things to stop cyber bulling are ''empathetic''.
If you let someone else's tears flow down on social networks, remember that you were burned before.
If you want to kill someone, remember that you have committed suicide many times.
As long as you don't provide love, you can't win any one.
The last things I want to say "Rethink before your post and please empathetic".

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