Final Walk Miss Diva Doll 2018 - Sotheary Bee

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Final Walk Miss Diva Doll 2018 - Sotheary Bee
Evening Gown by พีระศักดิ์ ปะอิกูล
Photographer : Thanat
The decision to participate in the Miss Diva Doll 2018 contest was the most important turning point in my life. I learned that we will never regret when we dare to follow our dreams. No matter what it end. Being a representative of Cambodia to exchange culture with beauty queens from 25 countries around the world is my highest honor and pride.
And, I performed the best of my ability. During my time as 2018 Miss Diva Doll, I met and got to know many people. Received sincere love, encouragement and supporting and getting friendships that can't be bought from anywhere. Not only being a beauty queen, but also participated in charities to help disabled children and orphans and being a spokesperson for the organization in many other activities related with Miss Diva Doll advocacy.
I would like to thank all the supporters especially Cambodians for your kind support and encouragement to do all Miss Diva Doll 2018 duties. Thank you to the Miss Diva Doll 2018 contestants and the beautiful seniors from the past years for the warm friendship. I am very grateful. Thank you to the board of selection and as well as various media supporting us. Although time passed but all of these impressions will be still my beautiful memories and thank you for this meaningful 1 year.
On this occasion, I congratulate to all the contestants and appreciate that you have come this far. I wish you all are proud to stand here in Miss Diva Doll 2019 competition. Everyone is like stars adorning in the sky. You all are unique and shining. And finally, I congratulate the next Miss Diva Doll. You will be given great opportunities and have the same happiness as me. Tonight will change your entire life as you would not expect before. Good luck and Thank you. Sotheary Bee - Miss Diva Doll 2018 From Cambodia. 

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