Miss Diva Doll 2017 in Japan

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Japan is a charming, orderly country with precious culture and customs since ancient times. Some of the interesting experiences I had when I visited Japan recently are:
- When you ask for directions, even with a language barrier, Japanese people are very willing to help. They will even walk and guide you until you find the place you need to go.
- The staff at convenience stores are very helpful, especially when you finish shopping and pay. They always count the change in front of you.
- In situations where there are no rubbish bins nearby, the people collect and keep their rubbish and then put it in a bit later or take it home.
- Cars will stop when they see the people waiting at a zebra crossing.
- People behave well on public transport. They don’t make loud noise and adhere to requests not to use mobile phones or play music.
- When you leave something behind, the chances are it will be returned to you. My friend left her wallet in front of the hotel she was staying and didn’t realise for a whole day. The hotel staff found it and kindly contacted her to return it to her.
- On the buses, the bus driver will let you know where your stop is. The buses are clean and the drivers are polite and drive considerately and carefully.
- The public transport is impressive, with buses and trains arriving on time. Even the planes! We arrived into Tokyo in heavy snow and the plane arrived on time.

Now, I have fallen in love with Japan and its people and would love to go back there again.
Stefania Deborah Morales, Miss Diva Doll 2017.
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