MDD 2016 Final Walk

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        Back in time 1 year ago From the moment I was wearing a crown In Miss DivaDoll 2016, it's like a dream come true and forever my life. There are many new stories and experiences coming into my life. Both good and bad But it made me stronger and proved myself worthy of the crown and the position of miss diva doll2016.
        For a period of 1 year. I am proud to be the representative of the Miss Diva Doll organization, traveling to nursing homes and orphanages. Including many charitable activities. That is a great help to the public.
        Winning must come with responsibility in the public. Because it must be a good model for later MDD.
        Thanks to the support from the MDD fans and the 12,000 MDD families who have contributed throughout their tenure.
        Finally, let this valuable position be given to MDD2017. Be proud and continue to work for the best.

Nisa Maria White, Miss Diva Doll 2016 FINAL WALK.

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