Miss Diva Doll 2016 Contestants Homecoming Photo

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1st runner-up Miss Diva Doll 2016, Anastasia Roman."Anna feels appreciated after that contest. It gave lots of experiences to her, even the prize must be given to her instead."
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2nd runner-up Miss Diva Doll 2016, Jessica Hazel.
"It is such a great honour to be the 2nd runner-up Miss Diva Doll. I did not expect this at all!. I am so very happy...I'm speechless."

Miss Diva Doll 2016 7th from Philippines : Laura Latimosa
"After I stepped on Philippines. I have the feeling like coming home again with proud to the country. I was received very well. Thanks to the fans who came today and always encouraged me. Thank you Mr.Thanat for your support throughout the competition. I will not forget this precious moment. Thank you ka"

Miss Diva Doll 2016 11th from Venezuela : Miriam Isler
"I have been very proud to represent my country on Miss Diva Doll 2016 pageant and I would like to say thank for fans all around the world."

Miss Diva Doll Colombia 2016 and Miss Congeniality 2016 : Milada Olivia.
"Now I'm staying at Bogota Colombia. I was very excited, I do not think the fans will be greeted like this. I like the flowers crown they give to me it's so amazing hahaha. Thank you Miss Diva doll pageant of a great time. And thank you Mr. Thanat for your support. Thank you very much"

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