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The Final Top 11 question is : If you friend said "your doll too ugly" What would you answer to your friend and he or she still be your friend?
Singapore:Thank you for the question I still be friend with her but! I want to tell her about The real beauty have is Beauty from the inside of me The ability to become Miss diva doll 2016
USA: Everyone have their own personally different mindset. Therefore, the word "beautiful" can be described differently as well. However, Anna wont tell any of them to believe. It's their right to think about that. I will be their friend since before.
South Africa: I would still remain in friendship with my friend. Good friends are hard to find and they should listen to each other. Although, sometimes, you and your friends have different opinions, we can still talk and exchange ideas with each other. I would tell my friend that even if he or she thinks my doll is not the prettiest in the world, for me she is perfection! After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And here she is... in the Final 10 of Miss Diva Doll 2016!!! Thank you!
Italy: For me to tell this friend that the dolls that appear unattractive Indeed, it is just a doll. The value that you do not care that your look is pretty empty. And this doll of That will be your friend forever, whether you change it to anything, thank you.
Philippines: Woman can't deny the word 'Beauty' but everybody don't have the same beauty. Mind to do the good thing is the thing to decide the beauty of everyone. The book can't decide from the cover page, good or bad can't decide from her face too. If someone insult to you. You should keep what they say to make you better than they talk. and what they insult to you before will back to them. I will be friend her together because have a good thing I make but not flourish to another one. I want they to see what I do more than the flourish from my mouth.
Cuba: I might be less angry but I will listen and analyze is that true or not. I would like to let them know that sometimes no need to be beauty and I believe myself that can make others feel like happy without beauty. If you ask me wii we friends together, I appreciate that because they can give advice and want me appropriately to be good for myself.
Venezuela: I will respond to that friend that I can't make anyone think I'm beautiful. All the beauty. of the people have not the same. She was beautiful in her way. As for me, in my own way. You may think I am Not beautiful because beauty is in the ideal of people have. It's different and I will be hooking up with this dude. Next. He will look at us. She doesn't look pretty, but he was a good friend and true enough, but thank you.
Ukraine: If my friends tell me that I'm like an ugly doll, I will be appreciate it. That can make me see my mistakes and my weakness then I'll approve that critical advice to move me on. If you ask me will we friends together, I appreciate to say yes because good friends never lie and they will be sincere to each other. My opinion, friends who look like that type are the best friends because they can give advice and want me appropriately to be good for myself.
Japan: So i want to thanks to my friends! She help me alot of think to do when i was wrong,and then how i can do the attenion and possions it is bettee now!
I am agree with her, so now i know who is the bestfriend and who is not! Thank you
China: The doll is beautiful or not in view of each other. We are play together with love and sincerity no matter whatever made us fill a part from our great relationship, A friend are still my friend and will always be.
Thailand: Hi my name Som from Thailand I may not a beatiful dolls but I think I can make the people happy and enjoying who know me who play with me with my look and my personallity show them how am I and yes I will make a friendship and continue a good friend with her

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